What Matters: Conversations

What Matters Conversations with Tom Yeomans

September 15, 2021 Craig Behenna and Christina Gustafson hosted by Synthesis Center San Francisco Season 1 Episode 3
What Matters: Conversations
What Matters Conversations with Tom Yeomans
Show Notes

 How can we find our particular way of contributing to the unfolding and positive synthesis of our world?
Through this illuminating interview with Thomas Yeomans, a decades long, worldwide practitioner and teacher of Psychosynthesis, learn about his experience in meeting and learning from Roberto Assagioli, his understanding of the field and content of as well as the unfolding of that work in the US and across the world. 

Tom shares his own work, detailed in his book "Holy Fire: The Process of Soul Awakening," and how we can learn to become more self-guided, come to a deeper experience of who we really are and truly learn to BE here in the present moment. 

We discuss the issues of identification and the benefits of disidentification, Psychosynthesis as a tool to support species maturation and his vision for the potential of Psychosynthesis moving forward.

This conversation was recorded 2/23/2021

About our guest: Tom Yeomans, PhD
Thomas Yeomans PhD is the founder and director of the concord Institute. His background includes education at Harvard, Oxford, and the University of California. 

Since 1970 he has worked as a psychotherapist, teacher and trainer of professionals in Psychosynthesis and, more recently, Spiritual Psychology throughout North America and Europe. In the last decade he has developed a theory and practice of group work within a spiritual context which he uses in training and consulting. 

 For more information on Thomas Yeomans and his work, please visit www.concordinstitute.com

Your Hosts:
Craig Behenna is an Australian Psychosynthesis Life Coach and facilitator with the Synthesis Center San Francisco's Coaching Practice Group. He is also a filmmaker, screenwriter, former psychotherapist and, in a much earlier life, a lapsed accountant. Craig began practicing meditation with Thich Nhat Nanh and the community at Plum Village, France.  He is also a member of Zen Peacemakers International.
Christina Gustafson is a  is a Board Certified Coach and Psychosynthesis Life Coach.  She is also Certified Massage Practitioner with advanced training in Myofascial Release, a Level III
Reiki Practitioner and a glass artist.   

About Synthesis Center San Francisco and The Synthesis Center, Amherst, Massachusetts:
Synthesis Center San Francisco  is a global community of students, teachers, practitioners and facilitators committed to supporting the next generation of psychosynthesis. We offer distance learning programs, including: Board Certified Life Coach training in psychosynthesis in collaboration with The Synthesis Center, personal development programs, continuing education, workshops,  group and individual coaching. 

The Synthesis Center, based in Amherst, Massachusetts, has trained hundreds of individuals from across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Mexico, Asia and South Africa through their in-person and distance learning Psychosynthesis Training Programs. Under the direction of Dr. Dorothy (Didi) Firman, The Synthesis Center has been an international resources to the psychosynthesis community for more than 40 years.